The Complete and Integrated Ascensional Reading, by Joanita Molina

This session is hold by Lord Syrius, Sanat Kumara and Lady Gaya, along with the higher hierarchy of masters, archangels and elohim.
This an integrated session that combines information about your ascension level, light conscious level, mission and purpose on earth, karmic matters to be solved, lessons to be learned, and some other information with healing and cleansing sessions to help you accomplish your mission on this lifetime.
The purpose of this session is to assist you to understand yourself, your divine purpose on earth and how to manifest God and the Integrated Master you are on earth.
Having all these information helps you to understanding and to attune more closely to your puzzle piece and spiritual mission on the Divine Project.
This understanding at the same time brings awareness of parts of self that need to be cleared of negative ego influences.
On this session you will receive he following information:
- Initiation and ascension level;
- Light quotient;
- Love, power, wisdom and Christ consciousness quotient;
- Integrated Consciousness Quotient;
- monadic group evaluation and lineage;
- specific mission and purpose on earth;
- soul mission;
- karmic matters to be clean and how to work on it;
- facilities about your personality that can help you to accomplish your mission and divine purpose;
- important lessons to learn on this incarnation;
- many ways to fulfill your soul mission and light purpose (profession, places to live, relationships, etc…)
- general directions to help you on the ascension path;
- information about the monadic frequency you are suppose to manifesto n earth;
- ray reading (personality, 4 bodies, monad and soul) ;
- How are you on the transcending negative ego path;
- service and spiritual leadership assignments;
- priorities on this moment of your life/ascension process;
- attachments you have to work on to grow even more in the ascension path;
- other specific information that masters can give about you.

You will receive the following sessions/treatments to help you on the ascension process:
- Cleansing and purification of the connection to your oversoul and monad, so you can attune with them deeper;
- Implants and negative elementals removal;
- Physical, psychological, mental and eterical clearing;
- Clearing of chakras, meridians, energy field;
- Cutting of cords with people, places and things which no longer serve you on your light purpose;
- Healing and purification of negative registers from past lives that are interfering on your ascension process at this moment;
- Healing and integration of the 4 bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual);
- Chacra balancing;
- Aura cleansing and healing;
- Specific attunements and/or healing sessions guided by the masters to upgrade your light, love and power consciousness;
- Specific attunements to connect deeply with your monad, oversoul and light purpose;
- Specific attunements and/or healing sessions guided by the masters to help on the specific moment you are on your ascension path;
- Any other clearing/healing/attunement as required and recommended by Spirit and the Masters.

Logistical details:

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